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  • The U.S. hospice movement was founded by volunteers and there is continued commitment to volunteer service. In fact, hospice is unique in that it is the only provider whose Medicare Conditions of Participation requires volunteers to provide at least 5% of total patient care hours.
    • Site: NHPCO’s Facts and Figures: Hospice Care in America, 2015 Edition
  • Volunteers may work in a variety of capacities, including:
    • Patient care volunteers provide personal care or emotional support and practical assistance, which enhance the comfort and quality of life for patients and families/caregivers. These services include being available for companionship, listening, simply “being there,” and preparing meals. Patient care volunteers may also provide relief for caregivers or assist them with household chores.
    • Bereavement volunteers provide anticipatory counseling and bereavement support to families/caregivers.
    • Errands and transportation volunteers offer a type of practical support often needed by hospice patients and families/caregivers. These duties may include picking up needed prescriptions or supplies, or grocery shopping.
    • Office volunteers lend their services working in hospice’s administrative offices. These activities may include assembling information packets, filing, photocopying, and assisting with mailings.
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